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Paul Kellerman - FBI Application. Empty Paul Kellerman - FBI Application.

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Paul Kellerman - FBI Application. Fbi_col_logo


F.B.I. Application of Employment


IC Section
What is your name?: Paul Kellerman

How old are you?: 27 Years old.

Have you ever had any previous law enforcement experience?:
I Studied in San Fierro Law Enforcement School, graduated it and went to the army. We helped the SAST, usually with gang shootouts. That's where I Got some expierence regarding gangs, street combat and in-door combat.

Have you ever had any previous firearm training?: Had firearm training in San Fierro Law Enforcement school. Mostly pistols there. In National Guard, I Had M4 Carbine, Light Machine Gun and Sniper Rifle training.

Do you have a criminal record?: Nothing serious. Just some speeding tickets.

Why do you think that you would be a valuable asset to the FBI?:

I'd be a valuable asset to the FBI Because I Got good skills when it comes to shooting, driving and flying. I'd work extremely hard to get the task done I Have been given. I Wouldn't give up, no matter how hard the task is. I Would keep invenstigating untill I've completed my task and could move onto another task. I Would follow all orders given by the supervisors. I'm a good listener and I Wouldn't argue my supervisors decisions, even if I Didn't like the decision. I'm respectful, friendly and cooperative. I'd respect all my collegues, even if they don't like me for some reason or another. To protect and serve..

Try to convince me in a well developed English paragraph (at least 5-6 sentences), why I should accept you into the FBI?:

When I Was in the National Guard, I Served my country. I Didn't go to any war or anything, but still. Now, I Feel like serving again and I See FBI as the only opportunity to serve my country again. I Think I Got the knowledge, expierence and skills to be a FBI Agent. I Describe myself as a quick learner, good listener and quick to follow orders man. I'd like to be part of the FBI, to help fight the 'foreign threat' and with that, protect the country. I've witnessed robberys, racial discrimination , armed attacks on a civilian and I'd like to help FBI To bring a end to those and alot more offences that are towards civilians or the country.

OOC Section

Name: Christopher
Age: 15
Where are you from?: Estonia
How long have you been playing SA-MP?: A Year or so.
Do you have any reccomendations? If so list them.: No
How much roleplay experience have you had?: In time, 6-7 Months.
How long have you been playing RC-RP? Please post a screenshot of the /stats, thank you:
Paul Kellerman - FBI Application. 5dun8z

On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you rate your roleplay quality? 10 being the best and 1 being the worst: 8.5/9

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