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[E-Auction] Burrito & PCJ-600. Empty [E-Auction] Burrito & PCJ-600.

Post  Vennas on Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:44 am

** You're browsing the internet and notice a advertisement. **
It says the following:
Today on Red County Auction we have a Burrito and a PCJ-600 for sale! Click here for further information.
** You decide to click on the advertisement and you get directed to the auction page. **
** After being directed and the page loads, you see the information about two vehicles, you also notice a small note. **
** You begin to read. **

NOTE: In order to reply and place bids here, you need to register.

Vehicle Information.
Vehicle type: Van.

Name: Burrito.
Engine: 2.0 L DOHC 8-valve.
Power: 57 kW.
Transmission: Manual.
Deadweight: 666kg.
Mileage: 19 miles.
Interior: 3 seats, headrests.
Safety: Alarm, seatbelts, airbags.
Color: Grey.
Lights: Headlights and 4 additional lights on the roof. Small light in the cabin, at the top of the cabin.
Extras: Air conditioning, electric windows, electric mirrors, central locking, small spoiler on the roof, stereo, doormats.
Additional information: Vehicle runs on diesel and it has a 80 liter tank. The van is in great condition, I never really use it and that's why I'm selling it.

Engine is reasonably quiet and runs smoothly. Recently gone trough service, gearbox oil changed and the engine oil changed as well. New tires and a extra backup tire.

Starting bid: 15,000$
Auto-win: 40,000$

Vehicle Information.
Vehicle type: Motorcycle.

Name: PCJ-600
Engine: 599 cc
Power: 66 kW (89hp)
Transmission: 6-Speed.
Mileage: 491 miles.
Safety: Helmet, pair of motorcycle gloves and a motorcycle suit.
Color: Grey.

Starting bid: 15,000$
Auto-win: 40,000$

Contact Information
Name: William Heathman.
Phone: -

** After reading the text, do you decide to bid? **
** If not, you close the page, log off or continue browsing the internet. **

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