[E-Auction] Burrito & PCJ-600. [2nd Edit]

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[E-Auction] Burrito & PCJ-600. [2nd Edit]

Post  Vennas on Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:29 am

** You're browsing the internet and notice a advertisement by RedCountyAuctions.com **
** It says the following:
Today on Red County Auction we have a Burrito and a PCJ-600 for sale! Click here for further information.
** You decide to click on it and after a bit, the page loads and you decide to read the information regarding the vehicles. **
** As the page is fully loaded, you notice a small note saying:
In order to bid and reply, you need to register.

Burrito & PCJ-600 for sale!

Today on RedCountyAuctions we got two vehicles for sale: a van and a motorcycle.

The van is a 1994 year model, it's in great condition, handles well for a van and it barely has been used which is proven by the mileage which is 19 miles. Van itself is colored in grey, it has a nice small spoiler and 4 additional lights on the roof. Van also has central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors, stereo, doormats and 3 seats at the front. Van's deadweight is 666kg so it can carry some pretty heavy things.
The van runs on diesel and the engine works smoothly and quietly, so far haven't had any problems.

The starting bid for the Burrito is 15,000 dollars and the auto-win is 40,000 dollars.

Pictures of the Burrito.

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:
Photo 4:



The motorcycle is a 1990 model, in medium condition, handles well and has a mileage of about 490 miles. Motorcycle is, like the van, colored in grey. It has a nice looking headlight and wheels, in fact, the PCJ-600 looks good all around. It has a nice looking engine, partially covered with chrome. Engine itself is quite powerful so the motorcycle is pretty quick and the sound of the engine is sweet as well. Engine requires petrol to run.

The starting bid for the PCJ-600 is 15,000 dollars and the auto-win is 40,000 dollars.

Pictures of the PCJ-600.

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:
Photo 4:

Contact Information.

Name: William Heathman.
E-mail: wheathman@rcmail.com
Ph: 5799142

As mentioned, in order to reply & place bids, you need to register. To reply, just hit the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the page and place your bids. You can also offer trades but cash is preferred.


© RedCountyAuctions.

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