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Post  Vennas on Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:30 am

** You're browsing the internet and notice a advertisement by RedCountyAuctions.com **
** It says the following:
Today on Red County Auctions we have a Buccaneer for sale! Click here for further information.
** You decide to click on it and after a bit, the page loads and you decide to read the information regarding the vehicles. **
** As the page is fully loaded, you notice a small note saying:
In order to bid and reply, you need to register.

Buccaneer for sale!

The vehicle is a 1972' Model and it's in a reasonable condition. It has a mileage of 420 miles and it's engine requires petrol to run. The car itself is a two door car, it's colored in grey, it also has two additional headlights at the front, a stereo & Grove rims. Overall the vehicle runs just fine.

Pictures of the Buccaneer.

Photo 1:
[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Gallery1
Photo 2:
[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Gallery11
Photo 3:
[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Gallery2
Photo 4:
[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Gallery3
Photo 5:
[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Gallery7-1


Contact Information.

Name: William Heathman.
E-mail: wheathman@rcmail.com
Ph: 5799142


© RedCountyAuctions.


[OOC] Proof of ownership.

[E-Auction] Buccaneer.  Buccaneer


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